Rolex segment

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Rolex Passion Report

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What is Market Segmentation? Why is it Important?

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Market Segmentation

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Review of the Rolex Submariner 116610

The market for Rolex is pretty specific: people with purchasing power that are willingness to invest a good amount of money in a watch. Not only a watch but a luxury accessory.

Brand Positioning of Rolex watch

Rolex costumers are part of a market segment which is usually filled with collectors, artists and athletes. S.N. Case Title: 1: Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS Mobile): The Next Big Avenue for Mobile Operators? 2: Tech Mahindra Acquiring Majority Stakes in Satyam Computer Services Ltd., for Value Creation Out of Dump.

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The purpose for segmenting a market is to allow your marketing/sales program to focus on the subset of prospects that are “most likely” to purchase your offering.

Rolex segment
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