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13 Inspiring Examples of Young Environmentalists Making a Difference

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Neighborhood Writing Alliance and the Journal of Ordinary Thought

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This page provides information about award recipients, project abstracts, and summaries of competitions under the Promise Neighborhoods programs.

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Neighborhood Development Alliance, Wabasha Street South, Saint Paul, Minnesota [email protected] [email protected]: Wabasha Street South Saint Paul, Minnesota Support Neighborhood Writing Alliance in Chicago, IL.

Help start a grassroots campaign or make a charitable contribution to this nonprofit. DANA (downtown area neighborhood alliance) works to preserve and enhance our downtown neighborhoods and provide a grass root forum for the concerns of residents.

The Cliff Dwellers Arts Foundation is proud to work in tandem with our membership to support the artists and arts organizations in Chicago whose work enlivens and enriches our lives.

To make donations, copy the card below or, if you prefer, download this file. Broken / Books / Arts / Neighborhoods After 20 years, Neighborhood Writing Alliance signs off the nonprofit Neighborhood Writing Alliance has run writing groups in .

Daniel ash neighborhood writing alliance
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