Crowdsource writing accountability

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May 25,  · Crowdsourcing creates compelling characters. To keep some element of sanity during the crowdsourcing phase, I started by writing the first two chapters to introduce the characters, settings and key concepts of the story.

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I also outlined where I thought the story would go, summarizing chapters in a couple of sentences each. In "Crowdsource Your Success," you will discover the power of public accountability and how it is the secret weapon of successful millionaires (even billionaires) all across the world.

No longer will you need to work on goals in isolation/5(21). Books & Publications.

Crowdsource Your Success: How Accountability Helps You Stick to Goals

I've published over a dozen books and counting on true crime, criminology, and criminal investigation that range from textbooks and rigorous academic monographs to popular trade press titles for the typical non-fiction reader and true crime fan.

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Crowdsource writing accountability
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